Sport in the outside fresh air, at Philips de Jonghpark in Eindhoven. During the training we work on strength, stability and stamina, accessible and challenging for every level.

Personal Training

Train one on one, effective and efficient towards your personal goal. Work with a personal training schedule, within flexible training hours, on location or outside.

Online Training

Request your online training schedule to receive online guidance and achieve your goals with regular help and motivation. Or find general workout inspiration in the database.

"I already felt stronger after a couple trainings!"

This is my first bootcamp experience, and I love it! Eline builds a fun and energetic atmosphere, where at the same time, we enjoy and workout intensely. I already felt stronger after a couple trainings! Also, I enjoy meeting new people and sharing experiences, such as our muscle pain stories... :- )

"Ever since I started going, bootcamp day has been my favourite day of the week!"

Ever since I started going, bootcamp day has been my favourite day of the week! Eline is a great coach, she takes great care in preparing the trainings and making sure that you're performing the exercises with proper form. Plus her enthusiasm is contagious. The group atmosphere is also very welcoming and easy going. You can follow the training at your own pace, which means that no matter your fitness level you will be exhausted and satisfied by the end of it. I can't recommend this more!
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