Join the Evolveline Bootcamp trainings to become fitter together within a motivated group. Train outside in the fresh air, at Philips de Jonghpark in Eindhoven. Every bootcamp we challenge your whole body, with a lot of variety, accessible and challenging for every level! 


Location and times:

19:00 – 20:00

Philips de Jonghpark

20:00 – 21:00
Philips de Jonghpark

20:00 – 21:00
Philips de Jonghpark

What to bring:
Running shoes, water, a towel and warm clothes for after the training.

Strength and stability

We train with body weight, but also use resistance bands and jump ropes. In every workout, all major muscle groups are addressed, including legs, butt, arms, core and back. Through variation and repetition all exercises remain challenging and can easily be adjusted to every fitness level. Balance exercises are regularly included in the bootcamp to challenge the body in another way. We also pay extra attention to core and hip strengthening exercises to improve body control and posture.


In every training we have a lot of exercises that increase your stamina. During and between strength and stability we keep every bootcamp varied by including jump ropes exercises, jogging, short sprints and relay races. Everyone is challenged at his or her level and you notice yourself improving every training.

Runners bootcamp

Are you a runner and do you want to improve your running technique and prevent injuries? Then join the Runners Bootcamp! In these trainings, technique and posture are practiced, as well as work on strength training and stability exercises. Beneficial for both beginners or advanced runners.

Running drills

At the beginning of the bootcamp, we go through running drills where you learn how to properly warm-up before your run. In the training specific exercises are done to strengthen the parts of your body that keeps you in a proper running form. Also running technique is practiced with different drills, sprints and intervals. By weekly repeating and practicing specific running drills, you improve your coordination and technique and develop to a stronger and more confident runner every training. 

Strength and stability

Strength training is important for runners to maintain good technique and posture and to help prevent injuries. Also stability exercises of the lower body, especially the core and hips, is essential and will bring great improvements in your running position. By practicing this weekly you will work on specific strength building which will improve your running performance.

Benefits of bootcamp

By training outside you improve your immune system, you feel energyzed and improve your sleep.

Within a fun group you get motivated to challenge your limits

You not onlye get more fit, you also improve your coordination

The training stays challenging for every fitness level.

To summarize: you get healthier, more active, stronger, slimmer and happier!


Choose your plan

Weekly Bootcamp

39,- /month
  • 1 x per week bootcamp training
  • Always personal attention within small group
  • Catch up missed trainings later

Unlimited Bootcamp

59,- /month
  • Join unlimited bootcamp trainings
  • Always personal attention within small group
  • Access to online bootcamp and additional training schemes

Do you want more flexibility?

Credit ticket

110,- One time payment
  • 10 x Bootcamp training
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Costs slightly more but gives more flexibility

Single bootcamp

One time payment
  • 1x Bootcamp training
  • Still doubts after the try out training?
  • Pay per training is always possible
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