Under my motto "Let's Live Fit" I want to motivate and coach people towards a healthier and more energetic life! Ask your question via the chat button at the bottom right of the screen, contact me by mail or phone, or book your first training!

Eline Koppens Evolveline

I am Eline, personal trainer and lifestyle coach. Health and exercise are my passions and I want to motivate everyone with my enthusiasm and inspire by sharing my knowledge and experiences!

I started my bootcamp due to my love for running, being outside and exercising together. I believe it is important that everyone learns how all exercises should be executed, but also understand why the exercises are good for you! I also try to offer as much variety as possible in the training sessions so that the muscle groups are always addressed in a different way and remaining challenging. I like to participate in the training sessions, but find it more important to pay attention to good execution of all exercises. And to enjoy the motivated and fun atmosphere in every bootcamp!

Eline Koppens

Founder and trainer

Floraplein 37, 5644JT, Eindhoven
KvK 75688913

06 245 39 687

Available on Mon - Sat 09:00 – 21:00

Training locations

Philips de Jongh Park, Eindhoven

During the winter months we train at

Bij mooi weer:

Torenallee 49, Strijp-S, Eindhoven

Bij regen:

Torenallee 50, Strijp-S, Eindhoven

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