Personal Training

Train one on one, effective and efficient towards your personal goal. Work with a personal training scheme, within flexible training hours, on location or outside.

One-on-one training

If you have a specific goal or want to go work on lifestyle-related goals, you can consider personal training. Within the one-on-one training you work effectively towards your health goals. Are you looking for balance or do you want to lose weight? Do you want to improve your stamina or feel stronger? Do you want to integrate healthier habits into your life? I can help you! But also if you don’t have a specific goal and just want to train with a professional trainer within a flexible schedule we can start one-on-one training.

Within a free intake we will discuss your wishes and overall goal, and a suitable plan for training or coaching.

How the trainings are build up will depend on you and your goal. Flexibility is key. We can train once or several times a week and will look for a time and location that suits you best.

Hardloop clinic

Plan a running clinic and get a one-on-one training to work on your running technique and posture as well as receive personal tips. Learn about a good warm-up and cooling down and get specific (strength)exercises to improve your running performance and prevent injuries.

Start to run

If you want to start running it is wise to start slow and get informed about how to do it in a way to prevent injuries. The running clinic is a one-on-one training where we will go over basic running technique and various strength and stability exercises that will help you to run with a good posture. In this way you will enjoy your runs and make great progress.

Together we will create a training scheme which can include long distance and interval runs, and strength and stability training, depending on your wishes and overall goal.

In addition, you will receive nutrition advice. This is an often forgotten but essential part of running. Your body needs enough energy both before and after your workout. You will learn where to get it and what to eat when.

Advanced runner

For more advanced runners, we can go deeper into running techniques, specific strength training and hip stability. This trains you to control your body better by strengthening your posture. This becomes very important when you run more and longer distances as you can maintain a good form and technique and therefore prevent injuries from happening. Furthermore, you will run more energy efficient. You learn to understand your body and what to pay attention to during your trainings.

In addition to discussing your wishes and overall goal, we will do a running analysis from which a personal training scheme will be developed. This includes long distance and interval runs as well as effective strength and stability exercises, to strengthen your body where it is weaker so you can prevent injuries from happening. Also the advanced runner clinic includes nutrition information and advice.

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